Fuel-gas (Conditioning) Skids

  • A Gas Conditioning Skid is designed to pre-treat natural gas and other combustible gases prior to being injected into a critical process or a Gas Turbine Generator. It performs two functions, the removal of liquid droplets and solid contaminants from the gas and the adjustment of the gas temperature to the injection requirements.

More about fuel-gas skids:

  • Different styles of filter elements can be used in the pressure vessels. The liquid contaminants are collected in a sump and automatically drained from the system for easy operations. Either electric or steam heaters can be used for temperature adjustment. All of the system components and piping are skid mounted for easier transport and installation. The proper removal of moisture and solid particles from the gas prior to critical usages is shown to improve the operation of the rotating equipment.

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Production Manifolds

  • A subsea structure containing valves and pipework designed to commingle and direct produced fluids from multiple wells into one or more flowlines.

More about production manifolds:

  • Cluster style production manifolds play a key role in well testing, isolation, sampling, and allocation management. Flexible design mean they can be configured for multiple well slots for flowline connection systems, and the ability to incorporate controls and/or gas lift distribution.

Skid Mounted Production Piping

  • Readily-deployable piping which allows for modular construction with the option of portability to remote areas of production.



  • Pig launcher - an oversized section in the pipeline, which is gradually reduced to the normal diameter.

  • Pig receiver - the receiving trap (also “receiving station” or “pig catcher”)



  • 2 Phase Separators

  • 3 Phase Separators

  • Test Separators

  • Production Units

  • Blowcase Separation Units

Heated Separators

Filter Separators

Indirect Line Heaters


Sand Genie

Piping Skids

  • Fuel-gas Skids

  • Production Manifolds

  • Skid Mounted Production Piping

  • Pig Launchers & Receivers

Glycol Dehydration Systems

  • BTex Units

Specialty Vessels

  • Vapor Recovery Towers

  • JT Units

  • Sulfa Treat Towers

  • Enclosed Units