Vessels fabrication shops

Energy Weldfab's facility covers approximately 40 acres of land off Highway 80 in the city of White Oak, just west of Longview, Texas.  Our four state-of-the-art manufacturing shops make up over 130,000 square feet of working area, along with approximately 20,000 square feet in our two warehouses where parts and components for our products are kept. We also have over two dozen administrative professionals in 20,000 square feet of office facilities.

In 2014, Energy Weldfab was the largest private employer in White Oak. However, our servicing outreach extends much further than our surrounding area.  We are capable of responding to our customers’ needs across the entire country.

At Energy Weldfab, manufacturing the best oil and gas processing equipment for our customers is of the utmost importance.  We continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology and employ only the highest skilled employees available. These characteristics have been the key to our progress and success and why we will continue to be unmatched in customer service and loyalty.

Energy Weldfab warehouse
Energy Weldfab in-house stress relief oven, no third-party needed.
Aerial view of Energy Weldfab facilities in White Oak Texas