Recovers natural gas vapor and makes it into a usable and profitable product by introducing a closed-loop system, composed of a closed venting system connected to a vapor recovery unit, which also reduces methane and VOC emissions.

More about vapor recovery towers:

  • Vapor recovery is also used in the chemical process industry to remove and recover vapors from storage tanks. The vapors are usually either environmentally hazardous or valuable enough to be recovered. Vapor Recovery Towers are also used in the oil and gas industry to provide flash gas recovery at near atmospheric pressure without the potential of oxygen ingress from the top of the storage tanks. The ability to create the vapor flash inside the Vapor Recovery Tower often reduces storage tank emissions to less than 6 tons per year, exempting the tank battery from Quad O reporting requirements 

JT Units

  • The Joule-Thomson effect, named for the men who discovered it in 1854
  • The J-T plant is a self-refrigeration system that uses a drop in gas pressure, which allows the gas to expand, to create a cooling effect. The unit condenses heavy hydrocarbons out of the gas to meet required gas pipeline specifications. 

SulfaTreat Towers

  • SulfaTreat Towers use a patented proprietary mixture of ferric oxide and triferric oxide to react with H2O to sweeten gas streams by removing hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

More about SulfaTreat:

  • In SulfaTreat process, the iron oxides are supported on the surface of an inert, inorganic substrate forming a granular material, while in the iron sponge process the ferric oxide is impregnated on wood chips. The SulfaTreat  starting material and the spent product are safe and stable. The spent product can be recycled or disposed in a landfill.

Enclosed Units

Enclosed units are capable of being operated in freezing weather conditions without the risk of damaging valuable production equipment.  Our enclosed units are available in a number of different configurations and can incorporate a majority of the production equipment we offer at Energy Weldfab.  For more information on enclosed units, please call a sales team member.



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