Indirect Line Heaters (2)


48" OD x 17' 6" E/E 1.5MM Btu/Hr Indirect Stand Alone Indirect Line Heater.

Coil Preheat: 8 Pass 2-1/2" 10,000 PSI With 1-13/16" RTJ 10,000# Inlet Flange.
Tectrol 100L Long Nose Heater Choke, 10,000 PSI Welded Choke..
Coil Expansion: 6 Pass 3" 1,440 PSI With 3" 600# RF Flg'd Outlet.

Line Heater Coils:
Pre X-Ray Butt Welds In Accordance Per API 12K.
Post Weld Heat Treat Heater Coils Per API 12K.
Post X-Ray Heater Coil Butt Welds Per API 12K.

Accessories Included & Installed.
(1) 10" x 2' 0" S/S 250 PSIG ASME Code Vertical Fuel Gas Scrubber With Safety Shut Off Float Assembly. Fuel Gas Manifold With 1" Bellgas 6300 Regulator 46-95#. Relief Valve, 1" Set @ 125PSI, Stack, Cover. Pressure Gauge, 0-200 PSI With Isolation Valve. 16" OD Fire Tube, Flame Arrestor Burner.

(1) Profire 2100 Burner Management System Without Solar Panel And Battery.

Ship Loose Accessories:
(1) Fire Tube Smoke Stack, Gasket, & Hardware. 

Media Blast, Paint Gray.